Ernie Vanderleest, m.s.

Private Investigator

Hometown: Lampasas, Texas

   Office:         817-953-3385
   Toll Free: 1-877-505-2112
   Fax:             817-554-1534
   Cell:            817-988-0732

Ernie Van der Leest serves as senior forensic video analyst for Third Chair Digital Forensics LLC. Before coming to work for Third Chair, Ernie served for 20 years as a forensic video analyst and criminal investigator with the Tarrant County Criminal District Attorney’s Office where he was a founding co-member of the Tarrant County Regional Forensics Video Laboratory in 2007.

All that really needs to be said about Ernie’s qualifications as a forensic video analyst is that he has been certified by Law Enforcement & Emergency Services Video Association International, Inc. (LEVA International, Inc.) as a Forensic Video Analyst since 2010.  Ernie is one of only approximately sixty forensic video analysts world-wide who are certified to this level.  Most of the LEVA-certified video analysts are with law enforcement agencies in the U.S., Canada and Europe.  In addition to hundreds of hours of LEVA-sponsored training, Ernie has attended forensic video training through the FBI, Ocean Systems, Amped Software, Adobe and Apple.

For the last decade, Ernie’s forensic duties have primarily included the acquisition and processing of analog and digital media evidence for criminal investigations and courtroom presentation.  Ernie’s activities have included both video and audio evidence, mapping of cell tower records for cell tower analysis and interpretation of cell phone records.  Ernie is also qualified to conduct reverse projection analysis and 3D reverse projection analysis.  In 2011 Ernie had the honor of being called upon to assist the LEVA forensic video response team in investigating the Vancouver hockey riots.

Ernie has qualified as a video forensics expert in court and testified on video forensics in numerous cases throughout Texas and Oklahoma.  He has also testified in court numerous times on various phases of criminal investigations.  Ernie has presented on video forensic topics to law enforcement and attorneys.

To enhance his ability to conduct a thorough forensic examination, Ernie is a licensed private investigator in the State of Texas.

Ernie’s various law enforcement activities and duties have included criminal highway interdiction, canine handling, undercover narcotics, field training, patrol and SWAT / sniper duties.

Ernie is available to conduct a detailed and thorough examination of any audio or video asset involved in your important case.  Call Ernie today to see how he can help with your case.