JOhnny Sosa

Private Investigator

Johnny Sosa

Hometown:  Weatherford, Texas

   Office:         817-953-3385
   Toll Free: 1-877-505-2112
   Fax:             817-554-1534
   Cell:           817-205-6663

Johnny Sosa is a veteran investigator with a proven track record of success leading and conducting complex investigations.

During his 28-year career with the Fort Worth Police Department, Johnny gained extensive experience in state and federal court procedures, and expertise in the investigation of criminal organizations.  Along the way Johnny also developed expertise in such diverse skills as intelligence gathering and wiretaps, conducting interviews, dealing with the public and compiling reports.

Most of Johnny’s experience was gained as a task force officer in the high-stakes world of the federal drug enforcement administration and the FBI.  During his law enforcement career Johnny worked undercover narcotics operations, investigated criminal organizations and even conducted money laundering investigations. Johnny is also trained in hostage negotiation and crisis intervention.

Third Chair Investigations LLC clients will greatly benefit from Johnny’s high level of investigative experience and sophistication.  He will be an asset on any case.

Johnny is fluent in reading and speaking Spanish.