D. Miles Brissette

Private Investigator


Hometown:  Atlanta, Georgia

E-Mail:[email protected]
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Miles Brissette is a senior criminal trial attorney based in Fort Worth, Texas. He became a principle in the Law Offices of Gill & Brissette in 2015, after nearly two decades in the Tarrant County, Texas Criminal District Attorney’s Office.

Miles has investigated and litigated offenses ranging from simple thefts and DWIs to death penalty cases. He was a prosecutor in the high profile case against Chante Mallard, a Fort Worth woman convicted in 2003 of striking a man with her car, driving home with him lodged in her windshield and leaving him to die. More recently, Miles was chosen as one of a multi-jurisdictional team of special prosecutors in the 2014 death penalty case against former Kaufman County Justice of the Peace Eric Williams for the assassinations of Kaufman County Criminal District Attorney Mike McLelland, McLelland’s wife and his First Assistant Mark Hasse.

As Chief Prosecutor of the Tarrant County Forensic and Technical Services Unit, Miles oversaw investigation and prosecution of arson and explosives cases, as well as the office’s Regional Forensic Video Lab and the Electronic Case Management System, which was the backbone for the criminal justice system in Tarrant County. Fire dynamics became a passion for Miles as a prosecutor. His understanding of fire science earned him an international reputation for successfully pursuing complex arson cases during a period of time where many questioned the field of fire science. In 2012, A Texas Advisory Council on Arson (ATAC) named him the Texas Arson Prosecutor of the Year. Miles currently serves on the board of directors for ATAC and the Texas Chapter of the International Association of Arson Investigators.

Miles has developed a widely recognized expertise using technology to dissect the most complex litigation and discovery intensive cases. His work on the national level to establish standards for law enforcement in-car and interrogation room video continues today. He also is a member of the Texas Supreme Court’s Judicial Committee on Information Technology (JCIT). Miles and retired State District Judge Robert Gill recently co-founded 3rd Chair Digital Forensics LLC. The firm was established to provide businesses and private attorneys access to forensic processing, review and analysis of digital multimedia evidence at a level previously available only to government attorneys.

Miles has a Bachelor of Science in Political Science and a Bachelor of Business Administration from Texas Christian University. He received his law degree from Texas Wesleyan University in Fort Worth.

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