Web Sites

Managing the presence that your practice maintains on the Internet should be about a lot more than just picking a domain name and putting a “digital brochure” on the web. Our technology experts know what it means to take a professional service business into the 21st century. We can design, develop, deploy, and host your website, while you focus on your legal practice. After deployment, we can help you monitor the performance of visitors to your website and assist you with any part of the process required to optimize your online presence.

Office Infrastructure

Your firm has computers. They need to talk to each other or they'll end up with a bad relationship. It's as simple as that. Unfortunately, all too many law firms are built on infrastructure that MIGHT be lucky to support two workers. Meanwhile, the computers MIGHT be lucky to talk to one another. At Third Chair, we can set up an infrastructure that allows you to more easily benefit from technology. Our professionals can set up office infrastructure that forces even the simplest technology solutions into the face of a seasoned attorney. Call us today to see what we can do for you! Cloud and Server Management

Office Productivity and Systems Implementation

Big firms have their IT departments.  Small firms have... Nothing.  And it's obvious.  Keeping computers running may seem like a new world "utility", but many of today's firms still struggle with basic computing functions, even in the courtroom.  Our team can provide the design and maintenance needed to keep your systems working consistently, as well as the CLE needed to ensure your staff is optimally using those systems.  

Case Management

There really is no one size fits all solution for managing any type of business, law practices included. No technology area could exemplify this further than case management systems. For some firms, a simple paper ledger with the right supporting forms will suffice for case management. For clerks’ offices, complex mainframe systems try to cover every edge case of public data access requirements. Don’t be fooled by the complexity of one-size-fits-all solutions. For most firms, our team of experts is able to spend only a few days evaluating your processes and recommending an approach specifically tailored to your counselors' preferred level of involvement with information transfer.

Cloud and Server Management

Putting technology services "in the cloud" isn't the end of the equation.  While outsourcing has its perks, you still need a seasoned industry professional to ensure you're getting the functions you need.  Contact Third Chair today to manage your cloud and servers!

Secure Email, Contact, and File Sharing

It turns out that configuring your email, contact, and file sharing isn’t as simple as it should be. Our productivity consultants apply well known best practices to your firm’s day to day computer needs.  We can help your firm properly secure your email, eliminate duplicate and inconsistent contacts, and share files in a compliant fashion.